Saturday, February 6, 2010

POC Challenge Non-Review Links of Interest (2010)

Color Online had a really good suggestion that we have a dedicated post where we could link-up non-review items of interest, like book discussions, articles, and essays. So, here we have one!

POC Reading Challenge Items of Interest
1. Color Online Group Read Discussion: Children of the Waters by Carleen Brice  
2. Second Post: The POC Challenge (by Debbie Reese @ American Indians in Children\'s Literature)  
3. Bookslut: Kids of Color and the New American Whitewashing  
4. Chasing Ray: What I Learned While Researching Diversity  
5. Reading In Color: February=Time to Show We Love and Understand Black People.  
6. Zetta Elliott and Francine Thomas Howard: Black History and Historical Fiction (@ Omnivoracious)  
7. A Reader\'s Response: Black History Month (@ Black Eyed Susan\'s)  
8. Writers Against Racism: Revisiting A \"Slippery Slope\"  
9. Whiteness is Not the Default Experience: Why White Readers and Publishers Have Got to Think in Color  
10. Guest Post at Justine Larbalestier\'s blog: Ah Yuan on the Importance of Diversity  
11. Whitewashing: Where Are The Minority Authors?  
12. Elizabeth Bird\'s survey of Top 100 Children\'s Novels (@ American Indians in Children\'s Literature)  
13. Should Publishers Get Rid of African-American Imprints? by Cecelia Dowdy  
14. A Letter... @ The Story Siren  
15. mitali\'s fire escape - Faces and YA Book Covers: A Proposal  
16. \"Seg-Book-Gation\" - Discussion with Bernice McFadden (@ Drumtide)  
17. Writing White? Crossing Over--Mirror vs. Window (@ TwoMindsFull)  
18. On Reading: Whitewashed - guest post by Zetta Elliott @ 5 Minutes for Books  
19. Demanding Diversity in Publishing by Zetta Elliott (@ Huffington Post)  
20. Cover Matters: On Whitewashing (@ The Book Smugglers)  
21. Creative Freedoms and the Not Now Book @ The Bottom of Heaven  
22. Why Book Industry Sees the World Split by Race (Pittsburg Post-Gazette)  
23. Zetta Elliott on Race & Reviews (@ Justine Larbalastier\'s blog)  
24. Hood Passes and Home Invasions by Neesha Meminger  
25. A Manifesto of Imaginative Literature by Justin Allen  
26. Black Writers Ponder Role and Seek Wider Attention (NY Times)  
27. Black Eyed Susans Girl Power List: Celebrating Women\'s History Month  
28. Fairy Tales: Zero Tolerance? @ American Indians in Children\'s Literature  
29. Alisa Vades-Rodriguez diary: Bridges burned, crossed and built  
30. Guest Post From Author Tinisha Nicole Johnson: White-Washing Book Covers (@ Cajun Book Lady)  
31. James Welch on the Native American Renaissance (@ Ken Lopez Bookseller)  
32. Skinwhite Lotion-Incredible Prime Time Commercial Now Being show in Manila  
33. Shelf Talker (Publishers Weekly): The Elephant in the Room  
34. Ask Racialicious: How to Read and Respond to Literature of Colour  
35. Teens Do Judge a Book by the Cover by Mitali Perkins (@ HungerMountain)  
36. Reflected Faces by Tanita Davis (@ HungerMountain)  
37. Black Writers in a Ghetto of the Publishing Industry\'s Making by Bernice McFadden (@The Washington P  
38. Color Online: Inside the Story Circle by Linda Boyden  
39. Black Literature: Dead or Alive by Roy L. Pickering  
40. Hunger Mountain: Color Me Perplexed by Nikki Grimes  
41. PW Shelftalker: Selling Color to Customers: A Bookseller\'s Guide  

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  1. Thanks Kathy,

    I just wrote a reader response, This Is How I See Black History Month at Black-Eyed Susan's.

  2. Thanks for the link! I added it to the list.

  3. Wondering... when I look at stats on my blog that say where someone came from, I have less than five hits from the POC site. Does that suggest that people taking the POC challenge already know all they need to know and so don't need to read the criticism?

  4. I also invite you to follow Elizabeth Bird's Top 100 Novel's countdown at her site. I blogged it today. What do YOU see when you look at favorite books?

  5. AND, I wish it was shocking to read Amy's SLIPPERY SLOPES post at her WAR blog....

    Not her words, I mean, but the comment by Chris about what gets considered for inclusion on the Notable Books list.

  6. Thanks for including my whitewashing post in such a great list!

    I'm looking forward to reading the other pages.

    (Sorry if this posts twice - blogger is messing around on me.)

  7. I hope others will be as upset as I am over this incredibly racist colonial ad for Skin White for Teens now running on TV in the Philippines in prime time-

  8. It will be interesting to see how the whole Vook idea develops. It doesn't grab me, but I can see how it might be very appealing to a younger audience.

  9. I like the blog, but could not find how to subscribe to receive the updates by email.