Monday, March 8, 2010

February Winner + A Link of Interest

Time to announce the February winner who is *DRUMROLL*

The Cazzy Librarian!

Cazzy reviewed Pemba's Song which was the review picked by

Congrats Cazzy :) You have 48 hours to email me with your mailing address and your book choice from the prize list.

And for everyone else, we have a lot of prizes so even if you don't when one during the monthly giveaway, you could win one at the end.

Also do check out this post by author Justin Allen. it's funny, informative and it talks about books and their covers (specifically, whitewashing).

Here's an excerpt.

The New York Times Book Review Hates YOU, but I Don’t;
Or… Why Where Your Book Gets Shelved Determines Your Intelligence,
Work-Ethic and Value to Society

That’s a longish title I’ll admit, and while I generally don’t go in for
such larded vessels, in this case I’m willing to make an exception.
Monstrous though it may seem (and most assuredly is), the above title
sums up pretty much everything I have to say on the subjects of writing
and publishing. The first line ought to be read as a word of warning to
struggling writers. The second explains - in as much as an explanation of
the unintelligible is even possible - why the publishing industry behaves
as it does. And the third highlights our common enemy, which turns out to
be ourselves.
Really - if I must say so myself - that title is a wonder of economy,
precision and restraint. But maybe you’d like me to elaborate? Normally
I’d refuse - principally on the grounds that my arguments tend to be
weakened by exploration - but as I have been contracted to provide a
minimum of fifteen minutes of reading diversion, I will betray myself and
attempt to explain…

Why Where Your Book Gets Shelved Determines Your Intelligence, Work-Ethic
and Value to Society.

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  1. Woo-hoo! Thanks so much! I better get cracking on some March reviews! : )