Saturday, November 13, 2010

October Winnah! + Holiday Book Buying

The October winner is the Englishist!
Her chosen review was in honor of Banned Books Week. Life is Funny by E.R. Frank. Let's just say it doesn't sound funny, but Akilah assures us that it does have its funny moments. Read her review here
Congratulations Akilah, I will be emailing you shortly :)
Also, as the holidays are fast approaching, I would love to read lots of 'best of' book lists and holiday book buying guides with a poc theme. So if you create one, please leave a link here (I'm thinking I'm going to buy a book for everyone in my family even if that's not what they want, haha).

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  1. Oh wow, I feel like I should make a speech. Haha. I was so shocked to see my name because I'm not in it for the prizes. Crazy. Thanks!