Wednesday, May 18, 2011

April Winners (Lateness is the Norm)

Yeah so this winners post is also ridiculously late. But I'm trying to be proactive and mail everyone's prizes out by June 4th at the very latest (because yes I still haven't mailed the March winners books. I am really sorry!).

The winners.....

Charlotte! of Charlotte's Library fame, her chosen (by review was Freedom Stone

Myra! well known for her being part of the group that runs the blog Gathering Books, the review chosen was for three animal themed picture-books, translated from French and written by Suzy Lee

Congratulations winners and everyone please keep those reviews coming! Winners you can mail me right away or wait until I email you (in about a day or so).

Happy reading :D


  1. THANKS! I hadn't actually looked at the fabulous prize list, so this is a big thrill!

  2. Congratulations Charlotte!!!