Monday, August 1, 2011

August Review Link-Up

Whooo's Reading a Good Book?
Whooo's Reading a Good Book? by Enokson

School will be starting back up soon; we hope you're able to squeeze in some more POC books before the end of summer!

Enter the direct link to your reviews, not to the main page of your blog. We'd like to be able to find your review directly through the link and not have to look for it. Thanks for participating!


  1. I have read lots of books from authors of color during the year. Do I have to enter during a particular month? If I miss putting the review in Mr. Linky for a certain month, am I behind? I'm a little bit confused. Thinking of just backing out.(: No fault of yours...

  2. Now I'm trying to put my link in the correct place??? I have my few novels in one place on my blog. I will put the link here. If it's not the right place, please let me know. I know you're very busy. Hate to bother you.

  3. Hi Tea,

    We're not super strict about how you link-up your reviews. We're mainly here to read POC books and check out the POC books that others are reading.

    Just add the direct link to each review in the month that is open for submissions. If you forgot to enter your review link from a previous month, it's OK to enter reviews from prior months into the current linky (as long as you haven't entered them into previous months' linkys).

    I hope this helps!

  4. Hello! While we have technically completed the challenge, we'd want to continue contributing to your PoC Database. Our Rachel Isadora 3-in-1 special marks our Books 42/43/44 for the PoC Reading Challenge over at GatheringBooks